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Just got back from rafting the Deschutes river, for the occasion of Jennette’s birthday, a friend from when I did improv. Took off early from work on Friday, met up at Jennette’s, took big green unairconditioned van to campground, and set up base camp. There were around 16 of us. It is the dry season so there were signs everywhere saying NO SMOKING NO FIRES (and in fact there was a sizeable fire on the last day that we suspect was caused by someone flicking a butt. Smoking is bad mmmkay?)

Set up my tent. Man it’s a nice tent. Thanks dad. I felt very preppy though because it said “LL Bean” on it. I don’t think people know about or buy LL Bean on the West coast much, I mean, we do have great outdoor companies like Columbia and REI so maybe that’s why. I kept it from blowing away with big rocks. Proceeded to drink lots of PBR.

The next day we went rafting. The Deschutes is not as rough as say the New River in W.Va. so guides weren’t strictly necessary and there were a LOT of people rafting. We only had 1 water gun and so were extremely outmatched in the water fights. I used sunscreen but still got burned a little. Everyone in my raft didn’t paddle worth a damn! BTW, here are the 3 rules of rafting we came up with:

1) Paddling will help you stay in the raft.
2) Wedge your feet under the pontoons.
3) If you fall out, put your feet downstream.

Came back, had burgers, and more PBR. Then it started raining.

Huh? Rain? Eastern Oregon in the summer? It’s like a desert! But rain it did as we hurried to get the rain covers on all our tents. Slept pretty well — only got a few drops in the tent even though it came down buckets. It was still raining when we packed up this morning.

My plan for the rest of the day is an 8 hour-long shower.

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  1. carteclez

    it’s true, LL Bean is totally New England. Rafting rocks it up (at the bottom of my lj is an entry on just the same thing), especially with large groups of people who party afterwards.

    A buddy of mine is in Seattle right now. totally irrelevant, but at least it’s the same time zone.

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