my band is imploding. Yay!

Oh yes.

Immediately after playing at our largest venue to date, the Roseland (capacity 400), it looks like Templeshock will be dissolving. Kaput. Finito.

I went to Josh’s tonight for practice. After practice, Josh and Brian said they wanted to discuss “taking some time” after the Roseland gig, “going in a new direction”, and even a name change.

For me, who has been looking for a good way to exit for about 3 months, this sounds perfect. So, the Roseland will be the last show for me. I can move on to another band, or maybe doing some home recording on my own, which I’ve really been wanting to do, or maybe just sit on my ass for a while.

I think Brian has been feeling the same way too.

What about the new Templeshock website? I don’t think all the work I’ve put into it is for nothing. First of all, I now know CSS2 and HTML, phpBB administration, and Photoshop. Second, if I want to do something with or something else, I can reuse a lot of what I did. Heh heh. CSS2 is cool.

The final tricky thing is that even though this is it for Templeshock (at least from my perspective) I still need to SELL TICKETS for the Roseland show, because we have to recoup the sizable deposit we put down (well I didn’t put it down but I guess Josh did?) So I guess I’ll still try to hit my friends up to buy tickets but it won’t be the all-out push it was going to be. (BTW I think this is the worst part of playing music — cajoling your friends to come to your stupid gigs.) Maybe they will want to come to see my band possibly implode on stage?

I feel a great weight lifting soon.

1 thought on “my band is imploding. Yay!

  1. skizzimit

    Still and all, it sucks that you put so much time and effort into the whole thing and didn’t even get to cut a demo for your efforts. I think good bands are good friends first.

    In any event, enjoy the freedom!

    *~Colin Grover~*
    A disaster epic with plenty of kablooey!

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