oh jesus

ok so I set up this blog. This means that they will now become uncool. If they ever were cool.

I chose this username because 1) grover was taken and 2) it’s the name of my solo musical thing. If I ever manage to DO a solo musical thing. I got all these synths and guitars and all… So, how’s it pronounced?


Hi to all the 4 million people who got on LJ before me.

1 thought on “oh jesus

  1. skizzimit

    Ha!!! McTotally awesome! I’m TOTALLY gunna snoop now.

    I’m ‘fout to get a little 8-track digi-recorder for my B-Day…nice thing is- it’s got USB (++)…steal (or buy) Reason 2.5 and you’ll be sitting pretty.

    “Start up.”

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