Text of Templeshock email blast

Hi all, this is the LAST email you will ever get from me about my band, Templeshock, playing. Ever.

Because we’re breaking up! Yay! Uh, I mean, that’s too bad… 😉

But FIRST, we have to play one of the LARGEST venues in Portland! We (along with 4 other bands, ahem) are playing the Roseland, 6th & Burnside, this Friday at 9:30!! Funny how these things work out, eh?

If you thought we sucked, come out to say good riddance!
If you thought we were good, this is your last chance to hear us live!

Tickets are $12, but you can get them through me for a discounted price of $10, 2 for $15. Call me at 806-4928 or email, and I can arrange to get you the tickets in time. We’re hoping to not lose *too* much money on this one…

The other bands playing are: Shifft, Four Days to Yesterday, Excessive Moderation, and Kross Face. Chances are some of these bands will suck more than us, SOME POSSIBLY LESS!!!

Anyways, looking forward to hopefully going out with a bang, yep.

— Andy!!

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