this website is gonna kill me

Went to Harvey’s comedy club tonight. Mildly funny, I guess. Free tickets, but they get you on the overpriced ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE food.

Came home and did more work on my nemesis. Oh yes, I will finish you, you bitch. Did the reviews and  live dates pages, and added pics to the band page. I’d have this done a long time ago if working on it didn’t feel so much like work. Hopefully this feeling will go away once it goes live.

Going rafting next weekend, so that should be fun, I guess. Got new Tevas. All this week I’m in a PCI Express class, yawn. Pretty cool. I’d like a system with it. Too bad there still are no PCIE cards on the market yet…

2 thoughts on “this website is gonna kill me

  1. skizzimit

    PCI…E? Hook me up wif somma dat!!!!

    I can’t wait to see the new ‘Shock site…’cause the current one makes my essence bleed. =^) Are you on the ‘Come To Find’ track? For some reason it sounds like y’all are using a drum machine…

    Yeah, free tickets…you get what you pay for. At least the show was somewhat decent. The live comedy scene in Cinci is…well…you know.

    I was thinking- we should McTotally throw down a track or two sometime…work under the pseudonym ‘grover’ or something. You know…horse around, play with each-others’ gear, become overnight underground London club-scene megastars.

    Have fun rafting!!! Get some relaxation (…in between the rapids?)!

    PS- Tell Jen to post!

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