So the gig at the Roseland went well, once I got past the anxiety caused by my car getting backed into. (Luckily not too much damage, but it’s a hassle, ya know?) The size of the crowd served to emphasize the non-viability of Templeshock, alas. But I think we played well and sounded good so it was a good way to end, I think.

In other news, the court date for the speeding ticket I got in March was pushed back to Nov 8. What the hell is up with this court system? I barely remember getting the damn thing, now.

Finished Doom 3, although I admit I turned on God mode for the last few levels…it was getting a little old, although it did definitely cause shivers up my spine multiple times, I kid you not…hey I’m a baby what can I say 😉

Who is , I wonder???

OK, off to go catch up on my email correspondence and send out evites.

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