what a coincidence

Just got back from the U&I gig. Went pretty well, except for the blister forming on my right middle finger. Gotta play more…

Anyways, the most interesting thing was that Valerie, our manager, brought her friend Casey, who was from New York. He has in town because he was in the band for Rent, which was in town for a week.

I SAW Rent on Thursday! And here I was chatting with one of the musicians from it. He said it was pretty difficult, some of the material was in six flats. Woah. Anyways, I mentioned that I noticed how during the performance I saw, Mark (the character in Rent who is supposed to be a musician, struggling to come up with the perfect song) started to play his song but nothing happened. He laughed and said “oh you were at THAT show” and said he tried to cover as well as he could.

Anyways, thought that was funny.

The show went fine other than that, too. Apparently letting the bass sit a little bit lower was a good thing.

Also, look for the review of us on portlandmusicians.com. They were taking pictures tonight and are going to do a write-up.

BTW, North Portland is pretty sketchy, in case you didn’t know…

Last thing. One of the bands was named Pain Theory. I just thought this was funny because isn’t “pain” French for “bread”? Bread Theory. Also, I think _____ Theory band names are kinda cliched, but whatever. I liked their music, FWIW…

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  1. skizzimit

    I like how your layout matches your icon!

    I met and talked to one of the original cast members of Rent…still haven’t seen the show though. Music suck’d from what I’ve heard (Light My Candle and 10,074,300 Voices [or whatever])…but I suppose I shouldn’t judge until I actually see it.

    The Templeshock site needs some hardcore pretty…plus it goes wonko with Firefox.

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