don’t feel like doing anything today but I have so much to do. Went to Frys…my pc is so old I basically would need all new ram, cpu, and mobo.

The last CPU I bought was a P2-400, 6 years ago. Since then I got a P3-933 free (via the short-lived Intel Home PC program) a dual P3-733 (scrounged from trash @ work) and now I’m running a P4-1.5 scrounged from work too. With 512MB rdram it’s still good enough to play Doom 3 (although not in super-nice mode) so grrr maybe I can wait a little longer.

I also checked out the digital cameras there. I think the Nikon SD10 would be better than the SD110 — more conducive to carrying around in the pocket, yeah.

We got a gig tonight at the U&I, and I really need to work on the website…so off I go.

2 thoughts on “yawn

  1. skizzimit

    I’m running 1.5 P4/512K on a Raedon 9600 and Doom plays like absolute crap. It jumps around even when I’m on the lowest setting…I think it’s time for a Format/Upgrade.

    PS- Best Buy pwnz Fry’s.

    PS- find lots of LJ friends to read/comment…makes the whole thing a lot more engaging.

  2. cfs_calif

    I’m running a 2.4 P4/1G on a nVidia Ti 4600 and while not complete ass, it could be better. But I am holding out for a mobo w/ dual PCIe 16 slot and the video cards to go in them. When I upgrade, I upgrade.

    Fry’s ownz BBy in returns, but you should buy from BestBuy.com and keep me employed.


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