Monthly Archives: September 2004

too cheap to pass up

Outpost # 4071772 Qty: 1
Description: OCZ 1GB PC3200 400MHz 2-64×64(2x512MB)
Price: $159.99

Outpost # 4202624 Qty: 1
Description: AMD Sempron 2500+ Boxed Processor with Motherboard
Price: $69.99

It’s a POS mobo/cpu, but hopefully I will be able to upgrade at some point and still use the memory. So we’ll see how fast this is…my P4 1.5 with 512MB RDRAM is faster than one would think…

ok, must stop being such a nerd… did I mention I tried a fretless bass the other day? I *really* liked it. I really felt more connected to the instrument without the fret clanking, and the ability to slide around so easily. Now I have to decide if I get one, if I should sell my Schecter (because I have this rule, see, 2 basses at a time, max.) or change the rule? I’ve decided I really don’t like it all that much…although it may be the Elixir strings I don’t like. I have some SIT strings on order for it, so we’ll see if it’s just the coated strings that are bugging me. I also experienced momentary GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) over the Alesis Ion and Micron, as well as the Novation KS4, but I was able to make it though…my Nord Lead plus the Juno 106 is enough, but sometimes it’s so hard to stop oneself… 🙂

Henry Rollins for president!!

Hey haven’t posted in a while but a lot’s been going on…

MusicfestNW. Great. The Gossip rocks.

Mah paerty. It kinda rained so attendance was a little on the low side but that was ok, enough cool people came for it to be a success…although I got wayyy too much food. I’ve been trying to grill up the burgers and eat them before they go bad but I don’t think I can do it!!!

The consensus from the party was I need to worry less about the tree and more about my roof….grrreat…

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately…does it have anything to do with fall? Don’t know, but I don’t like it. I need to work out more, and stop eating burgers. 🙂

Is it just me or is Iraq turning into an incredible facsimile of Vietnam? The parallels are many, many. It seems so obvious that Bush and the neocons fucked up bigtime, and everything he says is just bullshit. How can it be that he’s doing so well in the polls?

I can’t wait for my sabbatical.

The Prince concert

I think Prince might be the best concert I’ve ever seen.

A friend of Jack’s brother Aaron had 2 extra tickets, so Jen and I snatched them up. They were in the top tier of the Rose Garden, but relatively low. The stage was in the round, and luckily for my poor eyes Jen lent me her binocs.

I can’t tell you how tight the show was. He had an amazing band, and his way with the audience was great. He has SO MANY HITS, that he was able to roll between them just like James Brown at the Apollo. Very spontaneous-sounding, even though I’m sure it took a lot of work. There was a lot of audience participation, and highlighting of various members of his band (bass, sax, etc.) and a couple interludes by the keyboard player while everyone else took a breather.

Using the binoculars I was able to ascertain that one of the keyboard player’s synths was a Nord Lead (which I have too) but instead of being Nord’s trademark red, it was painted black and purple. 😉 I bet it’s no surprise there were a lot of purple lighing effects, and people wearing purple.

Did I mention that he and his bass player did a bass duet/solo thing??? Nice.

He ended with Purple Rain. Phenomenal. If anyone deserves his fame, it’s Prince.