Henry Rollins for president!!

Hey haven’t posted in a while but a lot’s been going on…

MusicfestNW. Great. The Gossip rocks.

Mah paerty. It kinda rained so attendance was a little on the low side but that was ok, enough cool people came for it to be a success…although I got wayyy too much food. I’ve been trying to grill up the burgers and eat them before they go bad but I don’t think I can do it!!!

The consensus from the party was I need to worry less about the tree and more about my roof….grrreat…

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately…does it have anything to do with fall? Don’t know, but I don’t like it. I need to work out more, and stop eating burgers. 🙂

Is it just me or is Iraq turning into an incredible facsimile of Vietnam? The parallels are many, many. It seems so obvious that Bush and the neocons fucked up bigtime, and everything he says is just bullshit. How can it be that he’s doing so well in the polls?

I can’t wait for my sabbatical.

3 thoughts on “Henry Rollins for president!!

  1. skizzimit

    “I need to work out more”

    Martial arts = great workout + you actually learn something + you can’t just quit + spar with little brother = win!

    …because Kerry doesn’t know how the hell to campaign properly to get elected? Because the Dems can’t produce a candidate that matches Bush’s charm, likability, charisma and leadership skills? Because America is full of people who find security in being told what’s right and wrong in black and white terms? Because the US media sucks? Because dissent is unpatriotic? Because Republicans control patriotism?

    There’re lots of contributing factors to Bush’s upcoming victory.

  2. skizzimit

    Actually, French fencing is one of the main three arts (along with western boxing and Jun Fan kung-fu) that Bruce Lee used in developing JKD. Not so much the pointy-stick stabbing, more the footwork and parrying.

    Japanese fencing > Euro-fencing

    Still and all- fencing is a great martial art, and I’ll bet it makes for a good workout, to boot.

    Now you have no excuse not to get back into it =^)

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