The Prince concert

I think Prince might be the best concert I’ve ever seen.

A friend of Jack’s brother Aaron had 2 extra tickets, so Jen and I snatched them up. They were in the top tier of the Rose Garden, but relatively low. The stage was in the round, and luckily for my poor eyes Jen lent me her binocs.

I can’t tell you how tight the show was. He had an amazing band, and his way with the audience was great. He has SO MANY HITS, that he was able to roll between them just like James Brown at the Apollo. Very spontaneous-sounding, even though I’m sure it took a lot of work. There was a lot of audience participation, and highlighting of various members of his band (bass, sax, etc.) and a couple interludes by the keyboard player while everyone else took a breather.

Using the binoculars I was able to ascertain that one of the keyboard player’s synths was a Nord Lead (which I have too) but instead of being Nord’s trademark red, it was painted black and purple. 😉 I bet it’s no surprise there were a lot of purple lighing effects, and people wearing purple.

Did I mention that he and his bass player did a bass duet/solo thing??? Nice.

He ended with Purple Rain. Phenomenal. If anyone deserves his fame, it’s Prince.

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