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LJ is back up!

Today I’ve been doing nothing because there was an ice storm last night and the whole city is shut down. I walked down to the corner convenience store, treading on the grass median instead of the pavement, since it was less slip-inducing.

I saw some really bad bands at Reed College last night. It was a Pick in the Willamette Week, so I decided to go. It was in the Reed College ping pong room and arcade. The first two bands only mildly sucked, but then Warbler consisted of two people with bullhorns yelling along to a PC playing mp3s. They’re from the Bay – they TRAVELLED here to perform. Wow. The last band was ear-bleedingly loud and at least they played instruments. They did so in spandex, even. They had it set up so everytime their drum machine hit the bass kick, one light would come on, every time the snare, another light would. Kinda cool for a while, but it got annoying. Thankfully, everyone’s sets were very short.

Anyways, I now have visited Reed and it certainly deserves its reputation. Everyone there was dressed like a hippie. Not that I have anything against hippies, but 100% hippies is nuts! If hippies were originally part of a counter-cultural movement, what do you call it when they completely dominate everything???

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