Monthly Archives: February 2005

Mr. Grover goes to Washington

Hello class,

I went to Washington D.C. last weekend.

It was very nice.

We went to the . There were no cameras allowed inside, but there was a lot of old furniture and pictures of past (p)residents.

We went to the . I didn’t know it but the original Supreme Court was here: . Greg and I stood at the center of the capitol, for no good reason: . Then we saw the and also Superman:

We also went to the current !!! Greg highlights the invisible Justices!

The next day, we went and saw the and the s and s at the Air and Space Museum. We saw a 3D movie about the International Space Station narrated by .

Finally we went to the zoo and saw the and the giant s.

Finally we all went back to Dupont Circle and embraced .

But seriously, it was great to hang out with Greg and Amy, and go out with them and Ro, and watch movies, etc. I also got to see where Amy works (Ron Wyden (D – OR)’s office) and things of that nature.

Need some wood?

The tree came down.

I must say I find the hulking remains of this wonderful tree somewhat of a downer. But it was for the best. Really. It was only a matter of time.

Once I split the wood (anyone wanna help?) and redo the back yard, it will be much better. I plan to plant 1, maybe 2, trees to make up for this one.

I sure am going to miss that tree and the shade it provided.