why people go to Turkey

In the spirit of immersion in the Turkish language, lately I have been going to www.turkishclass.com. It appears from their message boards that the main reason anyone bothers to learn Turkish is to speak to the handsome Turkish boyfriend they have acquired over the internet. People post various snippets of English or Turkish to be translated, and invariably these are snippets like “Another day of my life passed without you.” (siz bir gun, daha gecti omrumde). Turkish men are known for their romanticism, possessiveness, and the ability to fall in love instantly.

Needless to say, this is not why I am going to Turkey. 🙂 The reason why I’m going has more to do with breaking out from the rut I may perhaps be in, get some perspective, and learning the language has become a reason in itself to go — I want to TALK with someone in this cool language I’ve been learning! What would be great is if Portland had a Turkish community with some cafes where I could go hang out and listen to people talking. But no, alas.

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