Winamp Midi Control version 1.1a

My supercool Winamp plugin for controlling Winamp from your MIDI keyboard is now updated. I added the ability to control the volume from notes on the keyboard (instead of just the pitch/mod wheels) and also support for the Tascam US-428!

It will be available on eventually, but for right now, get it here.

4 thoughts on “Winamp Midi Control version 1.1a

  1. Tom

    Awesome plugin! I have long wanted a MIDI control for winamp that works well (oxo’s has a fatal flaw that renders it useless).

    Although I am a web developer, I’m not so hot at building C++ apps from scratch, so your simple and concise code was a perfect place to begin tweaking! I now have the controls responding to the transport and fader of my Korg nanoKontrol.

    I think I may brush up on my Win API skills and extend this app to be more customizable (leaving your name plainly visible in all credits, of course).

    Thanks for this great app!

  2. Aenn

    By the way, yes, CC control is a must. Nanokontrol-2 is an ideal match, but it needs reprogramming to notes, which is not neat as then compatibility with sequencers is lost (it just plays notes in a sequencer then, instead of controlling playback).

    Also the file link above is dead…

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