Wow, I am a bit late to the Tivo-hacking party.

I started looking at it today because I’d really like to get rid of the landline, and pretty much the only reason I am tied to it is the DSL and Tivo. I Googled a bit for wireless upgrades and saw the adapter that 9thtee.com is selling…hmm…you need to add your own PRISM2/2.5 wireless card. Looked on ebay and Froogle, and they were running an extra $60. That plus the $70 for the adapter and I might as well get a new Tivo…but mine has lifetime sub…oh hell I just won’t bother.

[hours pass]

HOLY SHIT, this old Linksys WPC11 card I have sitting *on my desk* is PRISM2! Duuh!

So I’ve ordered the adapter thingie. Once I get Tivo updating over the net, that gives me (along with moving my little laptop server to Jen’s or a colo) the freedom to get the cheap no-static-ip broadband if I want, and get rid of the landline!

I also registered gloof.com. No idea why. It seems I will spend time doing almost anything to put off Christmas shopping…

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  1. zonereyrie

    Another option would be the TurboNet or even CacheCard and then use an external WiFi bridge. Going with the CacheCard would give you the performance boost too.

    (I run )

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