Monthly Archives: February 2006

Screw you Spam!!! Defense in depth

I am now using postfix-gld (greylisting) plus Spamassassin (Spam flagging) plus Thunderbird (Bayesian analysis)

All spam = nuked!

(I just use Spambayes at work and get almost perfect prediction, but I get less spam there, and I understand Intel IT also does filtering…)

New resolutions to shoot for

From last year:

1) Complete either a) a CD’s worth of music or b) a screenplay, for submission to BlueCat this year

Grade: .5

2) Get the house in shape (insulated, backyard etc.)

Grade: 0

3) Start a regular exercise regimen

Grade: .5

4) Visit at least 2 continents besides N.A.

Grade: 1

Total: 2 out of 4

I’ll post this year’s when I have a chance to think up some worthy ones (there will be repeats…)

what’s up lately

1) Started to rip all my CDs, now that iTunes 6.0.2 fixes the crashes I was seeing. I should’ve done this a long time ago, so I guess it’s just a responsibility that comes with owning music. 🙂

2) Joined a gym. Playing some racketball.

3) Waiting for it to stop raining.

4) On Monday, I realized I had written code in 4 languages (C, Python, Java, Javascript) in the previous 24 hours, woah.

5) Mac and cheese is yummy.