what’s up lately

1) Started to rip all my CDs, now that iTunes 6.0.2 fixes the crashes I was seeing. I should’ve done this a long time ago, so I guess it’s just a responsibility that comes with owning music. 🙂

2) Joined a gym. Playing some racketball.

3) Waiting for it to stop raining.

4) On Monday, I realized I had written code in 4 languages (C, Python, Java, Javascript) in the previous 24 hours, woah.

5) Mac and cheese is yummy.

1 thought on “what’s up lately

  1. skizzimit

    Cool. Man, I haven’t listened to a CD in ages.

    Dope! Good luck! I’d recommend getting into a regular class, maybe meets once a week at a convenient time. Habit makes for worth when it comes to the gym.

    Lame. We’re about to have a week of fun in the single digits over here.

    Sweet! Doing what, exactly?

    Truth. All they have at the market at which I can use my meal plan is Sponge Bob & Cheese, which is dumb.

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