Last Day at Intel

Got home at 1pm, from my last day at Intel. I put my remaining crap in a box, and then had nothing much to do until lunch with Michael, an old friend from my days in the mobile group. We had a very nice lunch catching up, and then I grabbed my football and IBM clicky keyboard and made my way out. In a nice coincidence, I ran into a bunch of my co-workers on the way out so I could bid them farewell.

When I got home I watched MORE of Rock Star:INXS. I’m almost done. It’s very interesting to watch, while already knowing who eventually wins. I also received the SS4000-e I ordered. I have been becoming more and more concerned about not losing all the data I have, and decided to take advantage of the Intel discount while I could to get this guy. It runs Linux – perhaps I can hack it, like my WRT54G or TiVo? I’ve been running 2 USB external drives in RAID1 but one of them is pretty flaky, and so I figured getting this would give me piece of mind in a relatively low-fuss way. It remains to be seen how fast it is…

Apparently BBBS has a potential Little for me? Cool!

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