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Leaving my job. Voluntarily. Last day of work July 31. I am so excited! I’ve been messing around with Python a lot, maybe I can get a new job (after a longish break) working on that. The low-level stuff, you code all day and then you’re like “ok, now I can allocate memory for my driver without it leaking”. With Python, *each* *line* actually does something worthwhile!! I’m thinking if I could have my website take off (coded in Python naturally) or maybe become an expensive contractor/consultant, that wouldn’t be too bad a way to go. I mean, I do well enough, I don’t *really* want that much more money…I just want to only work 6 months a year :)))

Seeing a lot of concerts. Kool and the Gang were pretty damn good, I remember listening to Emergency with Mary back on 7211 Parkdale. Ozzfest was…woah. SOAD was amazing. Ozzy…kinda sucked. Sorry. There were a lot of other bands who all kinda sounded the same? Disturbed and Lacuna Coil also were good. Coming up: RHCP with Mars Volta, should be memorable! Seeing bands makes me want to at least get up on stage for an open mic night or something.

Biking around a fair amount this summer… definitely going to do the Bridge Pedal again I think with Jen and Timmay. Also, maybe I’ll be able to make more progress on the back yard now that the stump has been ground.

Latest hack: for all you into RSS, I now publish a feed with a new Dr. Fun cartoon each day! There was a Dr. Fun RSS feed with new cartoons, but it died (and Dave Farley stopped drawing them) but I know I sure haven’t seen them all.

Is anyone else watching Rock Star: Supernova?

OK guess that’s it. Colin’s great Scotland post inspired me to at least make an effort.

Siblings, when I’m there (late Aug?) what do you think about some backpacking? CGro I also wanna try that grappling thing or whatever and have you hand me my ass.

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