Monthly Archives: September 2006

hi, blogosphere

long time no talk. So what’s new with me?

I am two months into my time off, and things are going pretty well. I have been focusing on music, as well as the website that I’ve been working on (seemingly) forever. Musicwise, I think the next step for me is to start performing solo. To that end Jen and I scouted the Open Mic Night at the Green Room on Monday, and I plan on getting on stage this coming Monday. The performers we saw Monday set the bar NICE AND LOW. Heheh. I wouldn’t mind joining an existing band (and I’m tracking the musician’s forum on Craigslist) but none of them on there are quite right, or even as close as Templeshock was to being right (I did know Templeshock wasn’t gonna be The Band going in, but I thought I just needed the experience, even if it fell apart eventually. Which it did.)

Google Earth has updated the picture of my house to reflect the tree coming down in the back yard, but as you can see, it still shows the shed, and a bunch of wood in the back yard. You can also see my car.

Very cool. The messy backyard doesn’t look NEARLY as bad, when viewed from outer space!

Finally, I put up pics from my latest trips to SF, and Atlanta. Unfortunately I don’t have any from Cincinnati due to a canoe malfunction.

My birthday this year is on Election Day. I’m thinking about having an election-themed party. Hopefully the electorate will grant my birthday wish…