Monthly Archives: October 2006

Krav Maga

So a buddy of mine and I went to a free introductory class of Krav Maga yesterday. It’s a martial art created by the Israeli military, who you know don’t mess around when it comes to pragmatically kicking the shit out of others. In self defense, of course.

Anyway, it was pretty cool! We did the whole warmup thing, and then practiced some jabs, kicks to the groin, and elbows to the head. Fun! Unfortunately, the classes are pretty spendy (60-120/mo) it seems to me…and I have no job (and am already paying for a gym membership), so…

Any martial arts people reading this (hehe) care to give me some insight on how much is reasonable to pay, and what they’d recommend in terms of different styles etc?

the former guest room/new study is looking great


Textured ceiling removed
Floor stripped
Floor sanded
Floor stained
Floor polyurethaned
Baseboards painted and installed
Quarter round molding stained and installed.

By: Jen and Andy
Total time: oh I don’t even want to think about it…

A big thanks to Chris L for the use of his miter saw and nailgun!!