A Wii update

Jen and I are currently taking turns leapfrogging each other’s progress in Zelda: Twilight Princess. She got to the wolf part first, but I am currently in the lead 🙂

Good things about the wii:

  1. quiet and small
  2. the controllers are cool
  3. gamecube compatibility
  4. guitar hero 3 is coming soon
  5. it got Jen into games, so it definitely has a broader appeal

Bad things about the wii:

  1. It has internet connectivity, but doesn’t seem to do a lot with it
  2. guitar hero 3 isn’t out yet
  3. You can’t run Linux on it 🙂
  4. Won’t run in hires when we get an HDTV

BTW if anyone has any old Gamecube games they wanted to go to a good home… or even advice on which GC or Wii games are supposed to be good. We have Mario party 8 and Zelda so far, that’s it.

3 thoughts on “A Wii update

  1. skizzimit

    Oh, I’m glad to see you enthused about console gaming! The lack of a real internet installment is kind of annoying (especially when Xbox Live is sooo nice). If you look into chipping it, there is a pretty decent scene- I wonder if someone isn’t already getting Linux up ons. I’m in the middle of chipping mine- tiiiny soldering points. I am with you on the GH3 action- can’t wait for that, or the new Smash Bros. Check out Super Paper Mario and RE4 (if you haven’t played its other iterations before).

    A sassy buy pretty spot-on video of the top ten GCN games.

    I have 4 or 5 GameCube games I don’t really play anymore- I could ship them up.

    Damn, I need to call you for real.

  2. strdup

    (what’s bowie got to do with wii…?)

    anyways, thx, yeah will try to pick up RE4. You have a wii? 360? PS3? Just curious.

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