In connection with getting an $80 power bill, I went around and measured all the electrical items in my office with a Kill-a-Watt, and it was most instructive.

In watts:

  • printer (idle): 4
  • Bass Pod Pro: 12
  • Yamaha keyboard: 6
  • Power amp: 24
  • laptop: 20 (12 when screen off)
  • NAS box: 48
  • LCD: 48 (0 when off)
  • Computer: 72 (5 when off)
  • Behringer Truth B2031 speakers: 32 (32 also when “auto-off”)
  • Linksys AP: 5
  • Desk lamp: 40
  • DSL modem and ethernet hub: 10

The big surprises for me were that the Bass Pod drew so much, as well as that the speakers drew the same power, even when “off”! I’ve been pretty lax about just leaving stuff on all the time, but it adds up.

According to my math, at $0.10/KwH, each watt costs ~7 cents a month. If I saved 100 watts, I’d save $7 a month, or $84 a year. Not bad. We also have a number of servers lurking around the house, and this shows how much those machines are affecting the power bill, too.

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