3 thoughts on “Dear Apple,

  1. cfs_calif

    Okay, I’ll take the fanboy bait here: What card do you actually need to put in to a mini or iMac, eh? I think so many peripherals are integrated these days, it’s rare that I need a card for anything. USB/Firewire takes care of the rest. I’m mean at least in the iMac graphics usually aren’t lacking. I don’t think Apple are dummies, if there was a market, they would make a box for it.

  2. strdup

    Maybe you’re right… traditionally I’ve defrayed the cost of upgrading by reusing components (video, HD primarily) and then doing an off-cycle upgrade later. I guess the Apple way is to defray the cost by selling the old system in its entirety (Macs certainly retain more value).

    Jen’s looking at Mac Minis…

    Maybe it just comes down to I’m too cheap to get the Mac I’d really want (Mac Pro). 🙂

  3. cfs_calif

    Yeah, you have to shed off your bourgeois PC notions! (I love the smell of my own bullshit). The mini performs well and doesn’t take much space: I own two!


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