Monthly Archives: April 2008

stuff’s going on!

The house is on the market! Whew. Exhale.

Also, after listening to an OReilly webcast by the author, I bought his book on open iPhone development and read it. I’ve successfully built the needed toolchain on my Linux laptop (on Gutsy — Hardy doesn’t work.) Due to the first item I haven’t had any time this week to do more, but I’m looking forward to learning more about Objective C and iPhone development, which is basically OSX Cocoa programming. I think I was turned off by ObjC’s funky syntax (what’s with all the @’s and [ ]s?) but like any language, once you get used to it it’s fine. In school I learned the intricacies of C++ partially because it was such an incredibly hard language to get right, and therefore imbued with power and mystique. But now my old attitude seems a little silly — if it’s so hard to use for no good reason, why use it? So I recently sold both Myers books and feel better for it. I’m a C and Python guy, but maybe my brain has room for a little ObjC. It could be a middle ground between the two, we’ll see. I plan to write a native iPhone app that hooks into BandRadar — I think the combination of iPhone’s location-awareness plus presenting the site’s info via the slick iPhone UI could be very cool. I don’t think any of the horde of other events sites have done this yet, although a few may very well be working on it…

Finally, The Bad Trees have a gig this Wednesday at Slabtown, check it out!