Linux Plumbers Conf Registration and Call for Papers now open

The Linux Plumbers Conf is September 17-19 in Portland Oregon USA, immediately after the Kernel Summit as it were. It’s focused on getting kernel and userspace developers talking more and addressing issues related to the under-the-covers working of the Linux software universe.

We are running a 3 track, 2.5 day conf with 2 tracks devoted to 10 microconfs, the remaining track being devoted to misc talks, tutorials and other fun stuff. The 10 microconfs are:

  • The future of Linux storage
  • Video input infrastructure and V4L2
  • Power management and tools for efficient resource usage
  • Future displays and input devices
  • Dbus for desktop integration
  • Linux server management
  • XCB and graphics
  • Audio
  • Kernel/userspace interfaces
  • Debugging, tuning, tracing, and profiling

Today is the first day to both register and submit a talk proposal — I encourage both!

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