Monthly Archives: September 2008

LPC day 1

Keynote by gregkh: too hard on Canonical. I think Ubuntu has been great for Linux. The first step to hacking the kernel is to be a Linux user, and Ubuntu has helped make Debian & Linux accessible to a much wider audience.

The second step is for those new users to go beyond apt-get and start playing with upstream code from the git/hg repos. I don’t care a whit if Canonical contributes at all if they encourage a wave of new contributors. Ubuntu still makes hacking the kernel too hard. How about a working /sbin/installkernel so make install works?

Other than that, Audio MC was good (I learned stuff and wish I had time to contribute!) Track 3 talks were good, and git tutorial was long but worthwhile.

Anyone know how to tell git grep to use color, like git diff does?

Now, just time to catch up on work email (btw no probs with wireless at LPC) and start day 2 in 8 hrs.