Monthly Archives: October 2008

Beware of pocket lint

I have just fished a 4mm plug of pocket lint out from the headphone jack in my iPhone. This lint was preventing full insertion of the headphones. I imagine that pushing down even harder to get them so sit properly just made the lint extraction that much more difficult. I used a needle to dislodge it, and then made the mistake of sucking on the hole like a straw, thus ending up with lint-in-the-mouth.

Note that I am still anti-case for the iPhone — a case wouldn’t have helped anyways since the headphone jack would still have been exposed to pocket lint.

New Blog

Jen was kind enough to get a WordPress blog set up for me, so I don’t need to use LiveJournal anymore! Thanks Jen!

I’ve just imported my LJ posts into WordPress. It was kind of a pain.

First I tried a python script called ljdump. This downloaded the entries, but not in a format that WordPress’s Livejournal importer would accept — maybe formats have changed? Dunno.

Next I tried jbackup, a perl script that was supposed to do the same thing. This looked a little more substantial, had some help, that kinda thing — but again, WordPress would not import the entries!

Finally I resorted to ljArchive, a Windows program that was able to export to an XML file that allowed WordPress to import both entries and comments! Yay. I feel a little dirty since I had to resort to a Windows app, but hey it worked and now I can get on with my life.