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Jen was kind enough to get a WordPress blog set up for me, so I don’t need to use LiveJournal anymore! Thanks Jen!

I’ve just imported my LJ posts into WordPress. It was kind of a pain.

First I tried a python script called ljdump. This downloaded the entries, but not in a format that WordPress’s Livejournal importer would accept — maybe formats have changed? Dunno.

Next I tried jbackup, a perl script that was supposed to do the same thing. This looked a little more substantial, had some help, that kinda thing — but again, WordPress would not import the entries!

Finally I resorted to ljArchive, a Windows program that was able to export to an XML file that allowed WordPress to import both entries and comments! Yay. I feel a little dirty since I had to resort to a Windows app, but hey it worked and now I can get on with my life.

2 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. C.Gro


    I had a long ass faux-spam message written out, and I control-1’d instead of alt-1ing and lost it all.

    It began like:

    do you want your penis/vagina be eleven, thirteen, twenty TWENTY times legal size in your state/prefecture? make wife/husband with THUNDER FROM HEAVEN at homestead tidy apartment ok! NEGLECT FLY AT THAILAND expensive procedure ANYMORE!!!

    And it continued on with the first-person story of a man who lost his wife and kids because his real estate agent had a bigger willy, so he traveled to a secret temple and “worked as daughter with yak” until he was granted his super monk power, which was to sell penis/vagina enlargement pills to foreigners. So his wang grew to towering proportions, thus he got his wife and kids back, and the real estate agent lived the rest of his life in ancestral shame. I swear, it was hilarious.

  2. agrover Post author

    Wow, either a) how creative! or b) u on teh drugz or c) both

    I commend you, sir, and thank you for christening the new blog with a remarkable first comment.

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