420 Friendly

Been following the CL Musician’s section lately, and some bands list themselves as “420 friendly”.

Why bother saying that, instead of “btw we like weed”? Does this thinnest-of-euphemisms make a difference in some way? Does it throw off law enforcement??? I guess maybe it just sounds cooler, although to me that phrase is pretty worn out by now.

C’mon, stoners. Time to come up with a new phrase!

2 thoughts on “420 Friendly

  1. C.Gro

    Sociologically speaking, part of the fun of weed is that it’s taboo to speak about openly. While certainly not disguising their interest, they are fulfilling the marijuana mythos by being…coy. As to why that specific phrase is used so often, it must be normative to the CL community. Like “dd-free,” “OBO” etc., the community decided that this is the most efficient and easily-understood way to convey a specific, somewhat complex (and possibly touchy) meaning. Because it’s the established norm, using anything else would make them seem as CL outcasts–unable to play by the established social rules.

    Then again, I’m “420 friendly” right now, so take all that with a grain of salt. B^)

  2. Phred

    um well, you mean the term “weed” is not worn out?
    Who is to say what is the appropriate term other than some scientific, biological lable.
    The term is understood by those who use it, and not understood by those who don’t, which is why it is used in the first place.
    In most states it is still illegal to use and universally misunderstood, hence the desire to keep it on the dl (oops, I did it again). peace out

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