Hacker space, sounds good!

Open source conference prerequisite #1: Space for hacking – Open Source Bridge

I just found out about the conference and its hackerspace element via Reddit. How did I miss this up until now?

The hackerspace idea is obviously one I’m interested in. I have my own proposal for one, but tailored less of a 24-hour space for random hacking encounters, and more as an un-office to give remote-working people an in-person community of peers.

Definitely we have all realized that as great as online interaction can be, being in a room still cannot be duplicated.

2 thoughts on “Hacker space, sounds good!

  1. Jake

    Un-office. I like that and may use it in future when “hacker lounge” draws a blank stare.

    Thanks for submitting a proposal. We could use help spreading the word in PDX and beyond, if you feel like helping 🙂

  2. Jake

    Clicking through, I realize you are talking about the geek’s tree house, which is an idea I’ve heard floating around town as well. Nice.

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