Screencast: targetd and lsmcli

I’ve whipped up a short (7min) screencast on targetd and lsmcli, two new additions to Fedora 18. targetd glues together LVM and LIO to expose a remote API for configuring a system for a storage array role. lsmcli is part of libstoragemgmt, which provides a common way to manage storage arrays from multiple vendors.

2 thoughts on “Screencast: targetd and lsmcli

  1. Tim Peters

    Wow, this is pretty neat! Really going to tinker with it in Fedora 18. Will targetd and friends support things other than iscsi, like samba?

  2. agrover Post author

    libstoragemgmt has preliminary support for configuring NFS shares, so that’s something that might be easily extended for SMB support.

    The libsm targetd plugin only exports a block storage capability to libsm at the moment. It’s conceivable to add file-share config support but it’s very dependent on underlying Python library support (since targetd is in Python) that targetd could make use of.

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