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Oblivion’s Ending (SPOILERS)

Oblivion was a beautiful movie, but it was not a thoughtful one. The ending really made no sense and undercut it, in my opinion.

We learn during the film that Jack is one of innumerable clones, but for whatever reason, this Jack has a spark that has somehow captured the essence of the original. This lets his wife Julia reconnect with him after briefly being repulsed. Our Jack is special. This also makes his sacrifice to destroy the Tet have a price, which makes the sacrifice have meaning.

The last scene reunites another clone Jack with Julia. This is a guy who we have seen nothing of the entire movie, except getting his ass kicked by “our” Jack, number 47. Presumably there are hundreds more Jack clones on the planet after the Tet is destroyed, so why should that one be suited to immediately take the place of Original Jack or our Jack 47? Or did Jack 52 get imbued with Teh Special once Jack 47 died? I’m not sure, but it’s frustrating when just leaving Julia with Jack’s kid would’ve been a more consistent yet still positive ending for the movie.

Anyways. Some other quibbles:

  • I don’t care how much technology the Tet had, that sky house should’ve swayed like crazy in the wind!
  • Why was the Tet so short on spare parts?
  • How did Beech (Morgan Freeman) know the exact bit of the poem that Jack had read?
  • Why did the Tet start giving its Repairman Jacks more memories, compared to the Phase 1 Soldier Jacks (from the initial invasion as related by Beech)?
  • Wasn’t the whole cryochamber switcheroo thing a little gimmicky and cheap?
  • Tet could tell there was a body with Jack, but not its gender or age, and it couldn’t sense the bomb?