Gnome 3: Setting the screen lock delay to more than 15 minutes

Gnome since 3.8 has restricted the Blank Screen time to between 1 and 15 minutes, or “Never”, to disable screen blanking/locking entirely. If this isn’t granular enough, you can set other values like so:
<del datetime="2014-03-25T22:25:42+00:00">dconf write /org/gnome/desktop/session/idle-delay 1800</del>
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay 1800
The value is in seconds, so here we set the delay to 30 minutes (60*30=1800). It seems that once doing this, the UI will show “Never”, but the set value is still used correctly.
There is also a “Presentation Mode” shell extension that adds a button to inhibit screen lock, but for me, I still wanted to have it automatically lock, but just a little bit slower.

EDIT: dconf didn’t actually work! Apparently gsettings is the way to go.

4 thoughts on “Gnome 3: Setting the screen lock delay to more than 15 minutes

  1. Larry

    This was interesting. Hadn’t tried dconf on the command line. I’ve used the dconf GUI to do this and had no trouble setting & disabling a lock time.

    However, it seems that the more recent versions of GNOME have set it to always blank when locked. It used to show the clock on my background, for which I wrote a background changer, and never blank the display. I liked that. But now they always blank when locked. I can’t find a way to lock or timeout to start the screensaver without it also blanking. Have you found such a setting?

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