iSER target should work fine in RHEL 7.1

Contrary to what RHEL 7.1 release notes might say, RHEL 7.1 should be fine as an iSER target, and it should be fine to use iSER even during the discovery phase. There was significant late-breaking work by our storage partners to fix both of these issues.

Unfortunately, there were multiple Bugzilla entries for the same issues, and while some were properly closed, others were not, and the issues erroneously were mentioned in the release notes.

So, for the hordes out there eager to try iSER target on RHEL 7.1 and who actually read the release notes —  I hope you see this too and know it’s OK give it a go 🙂

4 thoughts on “iSER target should work fine in RHEL 7.1

  1. vlaero

    Thats excellent news. I’ve done a bit of searching in the past few days to try and get an indication of when the betas of RHEL 7.2 might be out. Any indication of the timeline for RHEL 7.2 – beta and release?
    Thanks Andy.

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