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My Video for Mayday.us: We all deserve a say!

This is a video Jen and I made for the Mayday.us Maydayin30 contest. If you don’t mind giving them your email address, you can still vote for it here.

We went down to Pioneer square and just got some footage of random folks, trying not to be too obtrusive. I used my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, along with the Metabones Pocket Speedbooster and a Nikon 55-300 zoom. Unfortunately my monopod’s bottom foot needed tightening, so the video was a bit shaky. Shooting longer distances didn’t help, either.

Back at home, I cut the best parts together and wrote an appropriate voice-over text. I tried reading it myself first (sitting in the car in the driveway, to minimize reverb) but it wasn’t nearly as good as Jennifer’s readings, so that’s who you hear. Then I quickly added a piano based score using Ableton’s Piano sample set, and that was it.

It turned out very differently from other submissions. It’s a long shot but who knows? For me, I learn something new in each little project I complete, so just for that it was valuable to me.